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Packages may be purchased as gifts for first time and repeat students however. Discounted prices are for first time students only. In the event that you purchase a package as a gift for a repeat student, the purchase price of the package will be used as credit towards their ongoing classes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to become a regular student?

On the last lesson of your trial you’ll make a decision to become a regular student, sign our agreement form and create your regular schedule.

This entails committing to a weekly schedule for eight weeks of lessons initially (no coming and going), on automatic pay with a valid credit card. Classes are prepaid four weeks in advance. You will start and finish your paintings at the gallery however we encourage you to work on other pieces at home.


We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. There is a credit card fee applied to all charges. No checks, debit card, or direct deposit. No invoices will be provided unless requested in writing.

Regular students are grandfathered into their class price. In the event of a price increase, your classes will remain the same price unless you choose to stop being a regular student or cut down on hours. Increasing hours will not change your price.

How can I cancel or reschedule class?

You can reschedule dates up to one month out. As a regular student, you’re required to give one week notice to reschedule (by text only). To cancel class, if notice is given up within less than a week of the class to be canceled, the class will be forfeit. Or you will have one week to complete if availability allows.

Rescheduled classes cannot be made up if missed. You cannot make a class during your normally scheduled class time. You may increase the length of your class to make up for other classes.

We follow Fort Worth ISD weather related cancellations.

How do I stop lessons for a trip?

Vacations and trips. Let us know your plans in advance, to reschedule these classes as make ups. Studio Sabka will close for 4 weeks each July. Auto pays are stopped for this period. These classes may be rescheduled if you choose without interruption in cost.

What if I want additional classes?

You can add classes as needed whenever you like, based on availability. You must maintain a regular schedule.

We will always try to accommodate you and your friend, family etc., however, it is subject to availability. No group discounts available. We also offer gift cards; our trial packages make unforgettable gifts!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes you may provide your own supplies. We can assist with the supply list. We can provide paints, canvases, paper towels, brushes, cleaners, etc if you cannot bring your own., everything from start to finish for $15 a class.

Can I bring own supplies?

I am late/early, what do we do? Students arriving late will begin on arrival and end at the scheduled time. Students are responsible to be respectful of other students class time when arriving early to set up. 

Children. Parents are asked to pick up children in a timely manner. Parents and child (or benefactor and student) must both sign rule form.

Personal preferences. If you have different sensitivities such as touch, light, noise, please let us know. 

Student etiquette